Premio Nobel per la Pace 2010: petizione per Internet.

We have finally realized that the Internet is much more than a network of computers. It is an endless web of people. Men and women from every corner of the globe are connecting to one another, thanks to the biggest social interface ever known to humanity. Digital culture has laid the foundations for a new kind of society. And this society is advancing dialogue, debate and consensus through communication. Because democracy has always flourished where there is openness, acceptance, discussion and participation. And contact with others has always been the most effective antidote against hatred...

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Mondoforex ti regala un iMac!

Anche in questo momento di crisi si possono fare buoni affari Se volete Vincere un  iMac da 24 pollici della Apple potete ad esempio inserire l’immagine qui sotto nel vostro blog ed incrociare le dita… Tutte le informazioni le trovate sul sito...

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