Tips for Travelling with a Chronically Ill Person

Tips for Travelling with a Chronically Ill Person

Sometimes our loved ones suffer from some chronic diseases. This can make life hard for family members because they have to take care of the sick person. The situation becomes even harder when it comes to traveling with the sick relative. If you intend to travel with a sick relative, here are tips that will make your trip a little easier. 

See Your Doctor a Check-Up before Leaving

Take the sick person to your healthcare provider for a medical check-up. This will help you to know whether it’s okay to travel with your loved one. Your doctor may recommend having some immunizations before you travel. Ensure that you carry the doctor’s note that shows the specifics of the illness. This will help other people provide first aid and handle the patient properly without guesswork in case of an emergency.

Research for Accredited Hospitals 

It is necessary to carry out a research of accredited hospitals your relative could attend while oversees. Also, know the status and availability of medical insurance at your travel destination. Find out whether you can use your health insurance while traveling. 

The Convenience of the Destination

As part of planning, choose a destination that is convenient in terms of accessibility and compatibility with the sick person’s condition. Avoid strenuous flights that span over 12 hours as they can pressure the sick person and worsen their condition. Also, travel to destinations whose weather won’t complicate or worsen the condition of your loved one. 

Pack all the Requirements

Ensure your luggage contains all the necessities the chronically ill person will need. This includes a medical kit with all medical supplies and prescriptions. Also, carry other items the chronically ill person will need during the trip. It may be wise to carry a double dosage for medications if the trip will take a long period. This will help you avoid running out of medication while on vacation.

In addition to these tips, keep a close watch over your companion. Also, ensure they are well hydrated throughout the trip. 

Traveling During Chemotherapy – Useful Tips to Guide You

Traveling During Chemotherapy – Useful Tips to Guide You

Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatment options for cancer patients today. Although it also has its set of restrictions that patients should keep to fully experience the benefits of the treatments, traveling is not prohibited. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can still travel the world without any risks. In fact, the breaks between the chemotherapy treatments could be a better opportunity for you to take a vacation. The following are guidelines to help you ensure safe and enjoyable trips during chemotherapy.

Discuss the Travel Plans with your Health Provider

Chemotherapy involves a series of treatment procedures that require patients to maintain a certain health standard. For instance, there are some habits and environments that you may be expected to avoid. Sometimes, traveling in your condition might cause more complications. Talking to your health provider about the travel plans in advance will ensure that you are properly examined and cleared fit to travel.

Besides, your doctor will also be able to provide advice on how to observe your health on the road. Thus, you should clearly tell the health provider about your travel destination, where you will get accommodation and even the activities that you intend to engage in during the adventure.

Be Up to Date with your Medications

There are various kinds of medications for cancer patients on chemotherapy. Make sure you know all the medications that you need and remember to carry extra just in case they get lost. Some medications can be bought on the road but, it is recommended to carry your own. Besides, it is also advisable to pack copies of your prescriptions for verification in case you lose the medications and need to buy some from local pharmacies.

Check your Health Insurance Cover

Health complications may occur along the road and, the best way to be sure that you can easily find the necessary assistance is through a proper health insurance cover. Before heading out, check with your insurance provider if you are covered and the level of cover offered. If you are planning an overseas trip, you may also want to consider getting travel insurance.

Overall, traveling during chemotherapy might be scary to some. However, taking trips can help you shift your focus from the cancer and create lasting memories. The above tips will help you make the experience safe and enjoyable.