Is It Safe to Travel When Pregnant

 Pregnant women can travel safely but with little preparation on potential problems that could come up. Health experts advise that they travel in the second trimester because they will be over with morning sickness compared to the first trimester. Moving around during the third trimester can pose a challenge because of the expanding belly. Below, we will highlight a few things you can consider while traveling but pregnant.

 Buy Insurance

Make sure that you buy travel insurance that you can rely on if you encounter pregnancy complications. Your standard insurance does not cover foreign medical care most of the time, so it’s better if you get travel insurance. Ensure you check your program on time.

 Confirm First

Airlines have different specific regulations for pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should contact their airlines before flying to be sure. Some airlines deny traveling to 34 weeks, but these restrictions vary among airline carriers. Also, domestic and international travels contribute to the various rules.

 Bring a Pregnancy Kit with You

Ensure that you bring enough prenatal vitamins to last the trip and urine dipsticks to check glucose levels during your trip. You can also bring treats to your pregnancy complaints, such as heartburn and constipation. If you happen to leave the country, ensure that you get a copy of your health records.

 Precautions During the Flight

There are various precautions that you have to adhere to during your trip. They include drinking a lot of water to ensure that you stay hydrated. Also, ensure that you move your legs often while seated and stretch.

 The bottom line is that you should discuss any travel plans with your doctor and find out what they think. That way, you can decide when to travel and the measures to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trip.